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You've got to believe

it'll be alright in the end

12/19/06 11:21 pm

you had sex with her? EH???

12/15/06 04:25 am - baahh

goodness i love all-nighters haha

so all i need to make is a 33 on my stats final to make a B in the class. all this time i thought i was failing, and come to find out, i CAN fail... the final anyway, and still be fine :o) sooo if i have a B in stats... it'll add to my A+ in dance sw351 sw410 and sw440... and my B+ in french (boooo i should have made an A)... i'll have a 3.8 this semester! yay! hard work pays off!

speaking of hard work, watch channel 6 fox news tomorrow night at 5 and see yours truly being interviewed about books for africa! all my media relations really took off, and now we're going to a local level, rather than just the college scene! yay!

and PASS went WONDERFULLY, dr pruitt adopted our program and is using it as a branch of outreach services for years to come, and is employing all of us PASSers as the main staff to keep it going! i have never been the "behind the scenes" person before, so it felt really awesome to see all my dedication and work be played out and it was smooth haha.

i'm working at the ymca in ttown next semester, and hopefully at mcclure library on weekends... gotta make the monies to pay for the internship i'm hopefully gonna have this summer at youth villages in memphis. my interview is on dec 18, keep your fingers crossed!

rachel and i are putting the downpayment on our apt tomorrow for next year. just a two bedroom for the next 3 years, its gonna be awesome, i miss living with neesh.

wow so im all sorts of hyped up. we're going to city cafe at 4:30 to study until like 5:30... then i'm going back to my apt (im in blount right now) to grab my running shoes and im gonna go run...then shower then take my stats final. at 11 im meeting some people in the school of social work to do a final pick up of the books for africa bins before school lets out for break. sooo by 5 tomorrow afternoon, i would have been up for 36 hours. im surprised my eyes havent freaked out on me yet... haha, i probably just jinxed myself, boo.

so i figured out the rest of my life. well, ok, kinda. im gonna graduate on time in may 08 instead of a semester early (damn advisors who forget to tell you what classes you should have already taken...) and then i'll hopefully be able to start the accelerated master's program here at UA for an MSW that june. graduate in december '09, then go somewhere far far away to work/go to school for a phd. top choices now are either UofM, columbia, george mason or university of boston. i love planning my future, haha

mmk well its time to go to city cafe! coffee and irish cream awaits me :o)

HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY! i dont spend much time online since we dont have internet at my apt anymore (fuck comcast) so my lj posts are severely sporadic

good morning lj world~!

10/25/06 01:01 am

so basically, this has got to be my favorite year. the people, the classes, the involvement. granted, im in over my head with things to do, but arent i always?

plus im 100 times happier than last year. and far better off too :o)

going to gordon palmer to do some stats, then spota and i are going to get creme slushes at sonic, which are amazing. and a great stress reliever. or maybe thats just spota... :o)

and hey mike, i know you're going to look killer in your fishnets. i'll be there in spirit, because lord knows i wont be having fun standing in the freakin cold and pretending to care about the SGA senate. booo.

10/10/06 01:26 pm

hmmm my first band concert is tonight :) i sit third from the end in the clarinet section of the tuscaloosa winds, haha, but im just proud i got myself back into it! playing music is a therapy for me, i dont know...that sounds gay. but its true... it definitely is a de-stresser. and lordy lordy im always stressed. in the next week i have two major projects due, a stats test, more sga office hours, lots of meetings and a football game! bah. bianca told me that the spanish gala is this friday night? anyone know anything else about that? bc i really want to go! elizabeth is coming back up for the ole miss game, i have to go upgrade her ticket sometime before friday. maaaannnn i am ready for fall break! still unsure as to what im doing, but it'll feel good to not have to do school work! i cant believe we're halfway through our junior year of college. i was looking through the archives of my lj from junior year of high school, and its amazing how much growing you do when you get to college.

carolyn marie kulb, i am doing Wsquared! PLEEEASE do it too, i want someone to kiss on new years! :o)

well class doesnt start for another 30 min, i guess i'll waste time on facebook. yay. the story of my life. but OH, i have a myspace now, haha...
http://www.myspace.com/awkward_glory i think i have to add you before you can see it, so everyone be my friend.

much love!

9/19/06 02:23 am

man, stats sucks. theres nothing else to say but it sucks. i just dont understand it! ive been studying since thursday for this darn test tomorrow morning, and i feel like i dont remember anything. BAH! haha, i suppose i could be studying instead of whining, but eh. :)

a bright and early morning is facing me! and another busy day without time for a nap

goodnight :)

9/18/06 02:09 am

oh goodness :)

im so lame... i just cant help it though. makes me happy

9/4/06 11:09 pm

and ps, i lost my lj password and i just reset it tonight, about 1 1\2 months after i lost it. i havent forgotten you lj world!

4/23/06 08:18 pm

and ps, we got a new puppy :) my mom bought it for my dad for his birthday, she's 6 weeks old and a furry little golden retriever fluff ball... i cant wait for the summer so i can see her!

3/8/06 12:01 am

i love you alex michael butler.

3/2/06 12:23 am

a girl is in a coma, and has been for 14 months. she is on life support and cannot function without a machine. a man has parkinson's disease and is projected to die within a year. the girl is an organ donor... so the man decides to scientifically implant his sperm into her uterus in hopes of creating a fetus that could give him the embrionic tissue he needs for stem cell research, because the fetus has both her AND his DNA, the stem cells would be a perfect match, and possibly prolong his life once replacing the deteriorated cells in his brain. since his bodily functions rely on the dopemine hormone that is no longer being created due to his dead cells, the stem cell transplant would be his only hope. the catch - the fetus would be aborted at 6 weeks, because fetal stem cells are more easy to mold than those of born babies. since she is indeed an organ donor, and would give her body to science, whats the deal here? the man knows he might be violating the woman's rights, but she cant agree\protest, and all the lawyers have to go by is her organ donor form, which indeed states she is willing to donate her body to research to help millions of other human beings.

this was the episode of law and order SVU i watched tonight - it was intense. the above was the case discussed during the trial at the end. the courts found the old man not guilty, but said he could not proceed to use aborted cells as research to help himself. so instead, he decides to go to court for custody of the baby, since it is indeed his sperm. and what do ya know- umbilical cords are chock full of the stem cells the man needed to replace his own. granted, if it didnt work, he would die. but lets say it did work - the man would have would have found a whole new "cure" of sorts for parkinsons disease, saving millions of peoples lives.

i think that within the episode, the writers kind of took a stab at politics. at first it seemed as if stem cell research could not be done (IE bush's ban on research) but in the end, they found a way... dodging the law that bush thought could impose his conservative morals upon modern day science. HA. even popular tv shows find ways to make awesome inuendos to politics and rediculous laws that attempt to prohibit research for saving lives. amen.

hmmmm politics.
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